A Wonder in the Garden by Dr Tony Kendle

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A Wonder in the Garden - The World of Nature Just Outside Our Doors

Our gardens have an ecology, a web of life as rich and remarkable as any distant rainforest, or any biome display. Yet most of us have little idea of the marvels just outside our windows. Life is resilient, it regenerates everywhere we look; in the treetops you glimpse beyond the industrial estate, on the railway sidings, on rooftops, and even in the cracks in pavements.

From our own doorsteps we are surrounded by the wonders of nature, and these can be a lifeline for us and vital to our health and sanity.

Within this book Tony Kendle unveils the facts behind these natural wonders, drawing from his vast knowledge and experience gained working closely within the Eden Project both in Cornwall and overseas.

Size: 217x140mm 
Binding: hardback
50+ colour photos
Length: 240pp aprox

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